How to Convert Youtube to Mp3 using Android App

How many times has it happened that you were watching a video on YouTube and you liked the song playing in the background so much that you instantly wanted to download that song on your mobile phone so that you can listen to it multiple times later on? Nowadays, YouTube has become the preferred video streaming as well as audio streaming software for budding musicians, singers, standup comedians and other artists. Many a times it so happens that a song is only available on YouTube and it is not available on other audio streaming platforms. During such times, what you need is reliable and efficient software to convert the YouTube videos into Mp3 format. Even though a plethora of options are available on the internet for this, we have some shortlisted some of the best ones for you.

youtube to mo3 android app

The most popular Android App to convert YouTube videos into Mp3 format is Tubemate. Music lovers have been using since this app since long and the foremost striking feature of this app is its simplicity and easy navigation. Tubemate is such a user friendly app that you can get your job done with the click of a button. Just download the App on your mobile, you will notice that its appearance is similar to YouTube, search for the video you want to download and click the green button to download it. Once it has finished downloading, click the “Save as Mp3” button to convert the video into Mp3 format. There you go; your desired song is downloaded. Simple, isn`t it? Some added benefits of this app are that you can choose the screen resolution and video quality of the YouTube video that you wish to download. The downloading speed is also pretty good.

If this process also looks cumbersome to you, there is an even faster method of converting the YouTube videos directly into Mp3. For this, you need to download the “YouTube to Mp3” Android App on your mobile. Open the App, search for the video that you want to convert, click the “Download as Mp3” button, and your song is downloaded on your mobile in Mp3 format. This is a hassle-free way of converting the YouTube videos directly into Mp3 format. One of the best smartphone app for this task is itube music downloader.

Another mobile App which can serve multiple purposes is the KeepVid Android App. Besides converting YouTube videos into Mp3, you also have the option of downloading multiple videos at once. Thus, not only songs, you can even download your favorite TV serials with this App and watch them later during your leisure time. Another interesting feature of the KeepVid App is the “download video off Facebook” option. With the help of this App, you can download and convert not only YouTube videos, but videos from Facebook as well. With the recent surge in the number of videos available on Facebook, this is an added feature which users have really liked.

So, the next time you are watching random videos on Youtube and you like one of them, remember that you can download it easily and even convert it into Mp3 format with these Android Apps.

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